How to Trace an e-mail from Gmail?

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Good Question!!

Above the questions and I tested a bit with Gmail. I sent him an email from my Gmail account via Outlook. The only IP displayed in the header upon receipt is registered with Google.

My home IP was not displayed in the message header even though I sent an e-mail from the laptop over the network by e-mail.

Since my IP address was not displayed, testing email from the website was not a hassle.

You need to be careful. Certain e-mail programs include NAT IP in the message header. Thunderbird is one of those applications.

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Each e-mail you receive has a header. The header contains information on the routing of the message and the source internet protocol address of the message. All the electronic messengers you receive do not always allow you to go back to the original point and keep track of it and whether you can track your email address depending on how you send the message.

Personal information is not included in the header. In most cases, the trace results show the source IP and the name of the computer that sent the e-mail. After displaying the trace information, you can check the starting IP to determine where the message was sent from. IP address location information does not include your address name, house number, or phone number. Tracing is most likely to determine the city and ISP used by the sender.

In case
How do I get the header to start the email tracing process?
Each electronic messaging program depends on how you access the message options. I will cover the basis for starting a trace … the rest is up to you.

Outlook 2010 and 2019

AOL – Click “Action” and click “Show message source”.
Regardless of the program, headers are usually displayed by right clicking.
I got a header, will you start tracing right now?
The next step is to paste the header data into the Email Header Analyzer tool. Our tool MUST return the IP connected to the starting point. However, there are exceptions to this. To infer the original IP, we have to examine the information logically.

Which e-mail address can you trace?
Yes, No. For example, the person who sent the message to the Hotmail account appears in the X – Originating IP section of the header. However, those who send messages from you via GMail will only trace Google’s IP address.

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