How secure and reliable is a VPN?

QuestionsCategory: VPN QuestionsHow secure and reliable is a VPN?
bestvpn Staff asked 1 year ago

I use ultrasurf VPN it was designed to avoid the great firewall program of China suppliers and it does so successfully if it can get past the China it’s protected it was elected by Stanford School as the best circumvention device ultrasurf.
Reliable, yes. Secure, relies upon what you mean. It will stop people ease losing on your relationship but it will not prevent you from getting a virus or any other type of disease.
Ultra surf is different from all other vpns first of all it is convenient which means it does not need to be set up in a pc. When you removed it each and every track of it ever being in your pc and all record is instantly damaged this is why it is used in nations where the use of a VPN security would be unlawful and if the regulators were to find that in your pc you would be in trouble, like Iran , China suppliers etc.
Also it reveals Firefox web browser in anonymement method instantly.
How I use it is this way.
I have a program called sandboxie in my pc so all I do is right-click on ultra surf and choose to open it “Sandboxed”, at that point the VPN reveals and then it instantly reveals the Firefox web web browser in an surrounded limited environment which stops any type of viruses no matter what type it is from getting into my pc now you have a protected efficient VPN app installation.
Then when I close Super browse it instantly ends the Firefox and sufari web browser all record and sand box damages everything biscuits viruses Etc that could have tried to come through.
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