Top 4 Putlocker Alternatives to Stream Movies Online For Free

With the increase in growth of smartphones and the evolution of the Internet, the popularity of video streaming websites has increased at breakneck speed. Almost all users use their phone to watch TV shows and movies online.

Unfortunately, such movie streaming applications come with a subscription fee. Fortunately, there are few websites like Putlocker websites that offer movies online for free.

Until recently, Putlocker’s sites were considered synonymous with movie streaming websites.

Initially originated in the United Kingdom in 2012, it enjoyed a massive customer visit of approximately 800,000 per day. However, since the United Kingdom Police Crimes Against Intellectual Property Unit (PIPCU) disconnected it due to some security problems, the number of visitors finally began to decrease.

Safe way to watch movies and series online:

An important point to keep in mind here is that some of the movie websites that offer free streaming are illegal, this is an important reason why Putlockers and putlocker alternatives sites have been removed.

However, if you still decide to use such sites, here are some safe methods to consider.

  1. The virtual private network, commonly known as VPN, provides a secure environment for online transmission.
  2. It works by creating a tunnel connection that links it privately with the public website.
  3. Anyone who does not have access to this tunnel will not be able to view or control their online activities, including their service provider.

In general, a VPN connection is crucial for a secure browsing environment and allows you to stream movies online anonymously.

Many of these websites show frequent notifications and pop-up alerts that can infect your PC. Avoid clicking on such unwanted items.

Top 4 Putlocker Alternatives to Stream Movies Online

1. 123 Movies

The market of internet is flooded with many transmission websites like Putlocker alternatives, but only a few can be considered legitimate and safe. 123 Movies focuses on entertainment, along with safety and convenience of user.

  • Are 123 movies easy to use? Yes.
  • Can you watch movies online without registering? Yes.
  • Do you present the most recent movie? Yes.

123Movies had been an attractive place that allows you to find movies that you can watch. But over the years, the Vietnam-based site has been subject to many closures and attempts to interrupt its services.

Well, that’s all you can ask for from a good movie streaming site. It is known to offer a massive index list of movies and television series and never fails to choose.

It also contains well-categorized sections with which you can easily search for new content. You can limit your search based on several criteria, including Last Added, Release Year. Most viewed and name.

Depending on your movie history, they will also recommend movies and programs that are right for you.

Overall, these 123 Movies can serve as a unique alternative to Putlocker alternatives sites for all your streaming requirements. Enjoy more than you need with this awesome application.

2. PopcornFlix

Enjoy your favorite movie with Popcornflix. It has been in the market for quite some time and is considered an efficient alternative to Putlocker alternatives.

His library contains mostly old and classic movies, but that doesn’t mean he can’t watch the latest videos in it. You do not need to register and create an account to use Popcornflix, which means you can quickly get to the business.

Popcornflix was conceived in July 2010 and entered a live beta version in March 2011. The site mainly broadcasts independent films, many of which come from the Screen Media library.

The service is currently accessible in the United States and Canada, with plans to launch in more territories in the future.

t works fantastically well on smartphones and computer systems and is fully compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

3. FMovies

Another famous name on the list of the best free movie streaming sites like putlocker alternatives is Fmovies. Its modern and elegant user interface makes it different from its competitors.

You can easily browse through its various categories and genres while searching for your favorite movies and shows. If you have quality problems, consider using a VPN connection to enjoy uninterrupted quality services.

An online transmission service that surpasses its competitors in terms of quality. Movies are simply one of the best options for many users around the world.

The website offers thousands of streaming content, with just a few clicks away. The website offers a simple interface, where you can easily locate your favorite content.

As it is free, you may have some ads here and there before playing your movie.

4. GoMovies

Like most other movie streaming websites, this one works great and has a lot to offer.

Similar to any Putlocker alternatives site, it contains a list of thousands of TV shows and movies that are updated frequently.

Watching a movie on GoMovies makes it much easier to see all the updated and most popular movies of the month. You can see different types of genre such as action, comedy, horror, drama, science fiction and more. In addition, you can watch TV series with different types of genre within this movie site.

Since GoMovies came online, watching unpaid movies has become much easier. From action movies to comedy, drama, science fiction and more, GoMovies offers such a large collection of movies and TV shows that it would take years to see everything.

Leaving aside all the benefits, you will surely be upset by several ads that are displayed during your visit to the site, so be prepared for that.


If you are a movie expert and don’t settle for anything but the best, a good movie streaming website is a must for you.

Since Putlocker alternatives sites do not currently exist, it is essential to find a suitable alternative that is not only legal, but also transmits TV shows and movies for free.

Here, in this article, we have listed some of the best Putlocker alternatives sites, so if one fails, you will still have an option to trust.

An important point to keep in mind here is that, regardless of the site you are using, be sure to protect your identity and security with a VPN connection.