Putlockers Movies : Best Alternatives To Putlockers

Putlockers movies site was the most popular streaming platform that offered free movies and TV shows. After the closure of this service, its users began to look for putlockers website alternatives. While there are dozens of websites that offer free streaming, not all of them are good enough to be the replacement for Putlockers movies site.

About Putlockers Movies Site

Putlockers movies site is the collective name of several websites for streaming movies and television shows. All Putlockers movies sites are named “Putlockers” with different domain extensions.

The website originated in the United Kingdom in 2010-2011. In a short time, the site began to receive millions of users from around the world, especially after the closure of Megaupload.

Putlockers movies site refers to several online file hosting index websites used to stream entertainment media, particularly movies and television series, for free. Putlocker’s domain address has changed several times throughout its history.

Is Putlockers Movies Site Legal?

The original Putlockers movies site was removed by the UK authorities following an order of the High Court. The site has been considered as one of the main threats of piracy. Therefore, the site is clearly not legal, at least according to the United Kingdom High Court.

Websites like Putlockers movies site provide free content. They earn money through ads. Since the legality of these sites is questionable, they may not be safe either. Most of these sites tend to use many emerging commercials, which can redirect you to spam sites or clicking on ads can download malware on your device.

Famous Premium Websites To Replace Putlockers movies site


  • you are always safe while watching this websites.
  • You do not have to worry about virus or malware while download.
  • No worry about illegal means.


  • Requires a paid subscription.
  • Might need to susbcribe many times.

Let us understand 2 legal websites to replace putlockers movies sites or service as putlocker alternatives.

1. Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming platforms these days. Like Putlockers movies site, you can log in to the online portal of this service using your Prime account and transmit it in a web browser. Of course, Amazon Prime also has applications for mobile and TV devices.

Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives you and your family unlimited fast shipping, such as FREE two-day shipping to homes in the adjoining United States, on all eligible purchases for an annual membership fee of $ 79.

2. Netflix

Netflix is the name that needs no introduction. This transmission giant has been around for more than two decades. With more than 150 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix is the largest media platform in the world.

Subscribers pay to access Netflix content and receive DVDs, and this is how the company makes money. The only source of income for Netflix is the monthly membership fees. The company offers three different plans for users based on the quality of transmission of the content provided.


There are many legal and not so legal websites like putlockers movies site, which serves as some of best putlockers movies site alternatives. Don’t forget to use a trusted VPN service while using these websites for safe browsing.