IP Address Tracker Software : Track Your IP

If you have ever heard of an IP address tracker? It seems to me something that the post office could use. Actually, it has something to do with the Internet world. Let me explain:

To understand, an IP address tracker (plural IP trackers) is a software that converts an IP address to a host name and provides location and other information.

About IP Address Tracker Software

The World Wide Web is quite intriguing, don’t you think? Basically it allows us to access all these strange and foreign places. Sometimes we find things we have not seen. It is really amazing to have all this freedom and access within reach of our hands 24/7.

Our PCs leave their own fingerprints. This feature is called an IP address. Do you have any idea what yours could be? More importantly, did you know that anyone can use an IP address tracker to find out who and where they are? 1994 – older brother again.

Does the phrase find IP address tracker mean anything to you? If you have any experience with computers, you probably know what an IP address tracker is. The truth is that if you use a computer every day, then you probably know that yours contains an IP address. It is a means by which your computer can be specifically identified. A unique fingerprint, so to speak. You’ve probably seen a web company and you haven’t even noticed. Trust me, they are looking at you.

Implementation Of IP Address Tracker

Just this morning I was checking my email, and in my browser a website for dating was announced. I clicked on it just to see what it was and it turned out to be an ad for singles and dating in my area. Then, he informed me plainly of what my town was called and who was available in it. Frankly, I was not at all surprised that this information was known. However, that only shows that with the click of a mouse, that website took advantage of my computer’s identity. They must use some type of IP address tracker.

Every time we use the wonderful Internet resources, we rarely worry about where we are going. It is just another adventure through the net land. While this is fine, you may want to consider what is being recorded. Are you accessing classified government files or the IRS tax history? Okay, maybe that’s a bit on the James Bond side of the equation.

However, you should remember that websites across the Internet can identify you quite quickly with an IP address tracker. If you are interested in high-tech software, you can find products that provide you with an IP address tracker for your own personal use. Everything is there, online.

Some Top IP Address Trackers

  • www.opentracker.net
  • www.solarwinds.com
  • www.addictivetips.com
  • www.leadforensics.com

What does the IP address tracker do ?

It is important to understand how the free IP address tracker differs from the IP Address tracker Manager (IPAM) payment solution. Unlike IPAM, the IP Address Tracker does not integrate with DHCP and DNS. You cannot receive alerts, for example, when a subnet has exhausted all available IP addresses, and you cannot schedule scans or take a look at the top 10 subnets with the most used IP addresses. However, all these features are more favorable for larger networks in companies than for small businesses.

IP Address Tracker will allow you to scan multiple subnets, list all IP addresses on the subnet (s) and show if those addresses are used, available or reserved. You can also manually mark the states of the IP addresses for your own record keeping.